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More Carriers and an Abundance of Fiber Lit Buildings!

We're excited to share some incredible updates that have taken place here at CarrierFinder. Our team has been hard at work to bring you even more options and opportunities for finding the right internet carriers and fiber lit buildings. The results? Well, they're nothing short of amazing!

Accelecom, Summit Broadband, Ezee Fiber on CarrierFinder

Meet a few new carriers

Our commitment to providing you with the best possible service means constantly expanding our carrier coverage. We are thrilled to introduce you to the latest additions to our roster of internet carriers. Each of these carriers brings something unique to the table, whether nation-wide coverage or a robust regional footprint.

  1. Accelecom: If you're regularly doing business Kentucky and Georgia, then you should expect to see this in your search results. We've launched Accelecom onto CarrierFider with over 200 OnNet and 12,000 NearNet fiber lit buildings!

  2. Summit Broadband: We've added a whopping 3,800 OnNet and 54,000 NearNet fiber lit buildings from Summit Broadband, primarily across the state of Florida. Interestingly, over 60 of the buildings are datacenters, and nearly 800 locations have wireless cell-towers onsite.

  3. Ezee Fiber: After their acquisition of ICTX-Wave Media in 2021, we've added over 600 OnNet fiber lit buildings for Ezee Fiber. You'll be finding most of these in the greater Houston area.


These carriers keep getting bigger!

While we are on a mission to bring every carrier into CarrierFinder to make it that much easier to find the best provider, it's just as important to make sure we're keeping up with the existing ones too. Check out a few of our long-timer carriers that are growing on the platform.

  1. FirstLight: We've added roughly 5,000 OnNet lit buildings for a total of 40,000. 600 of these are fixed wireless, while the rest are lit with fiber. You'll find FirstLight in the northeast corner of the US.

  2. BlueBird Network: If you're a carrier and don't have a list of NearNet buildings with us, you're missing out. While Bluebird has about 1,500 OnNet lit buildings, they're now boasting nearly 60,000 NearNet buildings on CarrierFinder. Don't be surprised if you see this result in more OnNet coverage in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri in the near future.

  3. Cogent Communications: Cogent is now up to roughly 3,000 OnNet fiber lit buildings. What's more, nearly half of them are data centers. Don't forget that you can filter for data centers when searching a site on CarrierFinder.


More carrier data coming soon

We are excited to continue improving the power of our carrier search tool and can't wait to announce even more updates and additions in the future. Stay tuned!

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