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CarrierFinder Data And Carrier Support

Hundreds of Carriers trust CarrierFinder with their coverage. Gain exposure to our diverse userbase. Adding data is simple, fast, and free.

Supporting Carriers of all sizes

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Carriers gain exposure through CarrierFinder, for free

  • Send us your Lit Building or Fiber Route data

  • We'll format, upload, use our advanced geocoding platform and make it visible for users to find

  • Uploading data is free

Carrier Spotlight

  • Your data, your coverage, your mission. We'll help get the word out.

  • Fill out a Carrier Spotlight application

  • We'll notify our registered userbase and the telecom association userbase

  • Do you offer discounts on your pricing?
    Yes. We offer discounts for users who choose to pay annually instead of monthly, available when signing up. 1 year annual plan: 10% discount 2 year annual plan: 15% discount 3 year annual plan: 20% discount
  • Do I need to input my credit card for a trial account?
    No. You only need to provide your email address to start exploring CarrierFinder.
  • Is there a contract required for a subscription?
    No. We offer month to month plans, pay as you go. No contract or signature required.
  • Can I upgrade at any time?
    Yes. You can upgrade to a higher tier plan at any time. To upgrade from trial to a paid subscription, follow the steps below. Log into CarrierFinder Select the "Upgrade Today" button at the top of the tool and fill out the necessary information. To upgrade from subscription (ie. plus) to a higher tier, follow the steps below. Log into CarrierFinder Select "Account" 3. Select "Upgrade Account" and fill out the requested information. General Questions Email
  • How do I add user licenses to my account?
    Send an email to and we'll get you set up.

Got a carrier footprint?

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