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CarrierFinder API Documentation

What is an "API"
We'll start off by explaining API for those of you who aren’t as familiar with it. API stands for 'application programming interface’ and is essentially is a way to plug two applications together. It is code from an application that has been exposed to developers so they can interact with the application. An API allows data to be pulled from an online source in a structured way. It must be structured on both sides of a request.

You, as the user, connect to an API through the endpoints, which are essentially special URLs that are supplied to you by the application you are aiming to connect to. We at CarrierFinder feel this is a vital addition toward making our product an even more valuable, accessible, and powerful for our users. The CarrierFinder API gives you the power to integrate with almost any application you would like.

Content Endpoints Overview
The Content Endpoints return content in JSON format based on the function being requested.

The API uses a combination of userid and application key for authentication.


After your account is upgraded to a Premium plan, you will be able to generate your key from the portal under [MyAccount][Settings]


function - defines the type of information you wish to attain

parameters - define specifics about the information being requested

userid - Userid of your account

key - Your authentication key

The data which will be returned is based on the function. Click on the associated function to learn about parameters and data which will be returned

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