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Introducing South Reach Networks Coverage

Proudly highlighting South Reach Networks' fiber footprint as we recently added over 6,000 OnNet/NearNet buildings into CarrierFinder.

South Reach Networks on CarrierFinder

South Reach Networks (SRN) is an established, Florida-based telecommunications infrastructure provider. SRN constructs, owns and operates its Metro & Long-Haul Fiber Optic Network.

With direct routes into SRNs Carrier Class & Neutral Data Centers, the robust network spans over 400 miles along the East Coast of Florida.


What makes South Reach Stand Out?

  • Service delivery time

  • Faster installation speeds than incumbent carriers, the ILEC and MSO's.

  • Flexible terms of service.

  • Highest evergreen agent commissions by percentage in the Southeast market.


Sweet Spots for South Reach

  • High Speed Dedicated Internet

  • Multi-site locations for DIA and Ethernet local access

  • Fiber builds to customer sites and edge data centers


The South Reach Footprint

SRN owns an Independent Duct System and Fiber Network Infrastructure located in downtown Miami.

This robust underground fiber network provides diverse East and West connectivity between the Equinix NAP and the South Reach data center, located at 36 NE Second Street in Miami.


Explore South Reach

CarrierFinder is committed to regularly updating our carrier search tool with the latest data and additions. This means you can trust that you are always getting the most accurate and current information when using our tool. Check out the demo video to see how it works.


More Carrier Data Coming Soon

We are excited to see what the future holds for our carrier search tool and can't wait to announce even more updates and additions in the future.

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