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Introducing RCN-Grande-Wave Coverage

Proudly highlighting the RCN-Grande-Wave fiber footprint, found on CarrierFinder.

RCN Grande Wave on CarrierFinder

RCN-GRANDE-WAVE is the 6th largest cable company in the United States and consists of (3) companies which merged in 2017.

RCN service areas include Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley (PA), New York City, Philadelphia (Delaware County) and Washington, DC.

Grande proudly serves the following communities: Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, San Marcos, Waco, Corpus Christi, Midland and Odessa.

Wave is a leading provider of fiber and broadband services on the West Coast. Wave delivers a range of solutions for businesses, including custom fiber networks, high capacity Internet access, data transport, voice services, and collocation hosting. Wave also serves residential customers with internet, TV and phone services.


What makes RCN-Grande-Wave Stand Out?

With a robust metro fiber network and 100G National IP backbone, RCN-Grande-Wave is a great fit for enterprise customers who need high speed data connections.

For small business customers, Coax based Internet is a great option for high speeds at an affordable cost.


Sweet Spots for Dobson Fiber

  • Coax based Internet

  • Fiber based Internet

  • Voice and Television services

RCN Grande Wave on CarrierFinder

The RCN-Grande-Wave Footprint

Over 31,000+ miles of metro fiber routes, over 20+ major metro areas, and 13,250+ OnNet fiber-lit buildings.


Explore RCN-Grande-Wave on CarrierFinder

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More Carrier Data Coming Soon

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