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Introducing Fatbeam Coverage

Proudly highlighting Fatbeam's fiber footprint as we recently added over 70,000 OnNet/NearNet buildings into CarrierFinder.

Fatbeam on CarrierFinder

Fatbeam is a business-to-business provider of reliable fiber-based network solutions to enterprise, healthcare, government and education customers looking to accelerate their growth in the Western US.

With over 77,000 fiber miles connecting more than 50 cities across 8 states, Fatbeam's resilient infrastructure is the best choice for customers requiring high bandwidth and speed for their daily operations.


What makes Fatbeam Stand Out?

  • Unique footprint, aggressive construction and build schedule

  • Dedicated, personal support on every project

  • Aggressive pricing


Sweet Spots for Fatbeam

  • Government, Education, Medical

  • Commercial customers requiring dedicated, fiber based, SLA backed IP service.


The Fatbeam Footprint

Fatbeam has over 77,000 fiber miles connecting more than 50 cities across 8 states in the Western United States.


Explore Fatbeam

CarrierFinder is committed to regularly updating our carrier search tool with the latest data and additions. This means you can trust that you are always getting the most accurate and current information when using our tool. Check out the demo video to see how it works.


More Carrier Data Coming Soon

We are excited to see what the future holds for our carrier search tool and can't wait to announce even more updates and additions in the future.

Learn more or try the search tool for free on CarrierFinder.

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