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Altice (Lightpath & Optimum)

We've added over 45,000 fiber lit buildings from the Altice portfolio! Addresses are now searchable on CarrierFinder.

About Altice

Altice serves nearly 5 million customers across 21 states with Internet, TV, Phone and Mobile services. Altice is building a new 100% Fiber Internet network, delivering speeds up to 5 Gig with a commitment to providing fast and high-quality internet services.

Their telecommunications portfolio is managed through two different brands, Optimum and Lightpath.

On one hand, they are building Optimum, a new Fiber Internet network delivering symmetrical speeds up to 5 Gig with 99.9% reliability.

On the other, as of 2020, Altice continues to own a majority stake of Lightpath Fiber, an expanding fiber-based platform, connecting businesses primarily in the greater New York and Miami metropolitan areas.


About Optimum

In addition to offering secured, reliable, high-speed internet, Optimum covers customers across most connectivity needs.

  • Managed Wi-Fi: A customizable "Pro Wi-Fi" product that enables branding, marketing insights, and facilitates guest and private channels.

  • Service plans: Premium priority support options

  • Robust product selection: Internet, voice, and TV services with bundling opportunities

  • Managed Services: Secured internet with built in DDoS and DNS protection

What are Optimum customers saying?

"With our previous provider there would be times when the power might have gone out or there was an issue with the service, and they wouldn’t be there when I needed them. Now with Optimum Business, there’s always someone there." Empower Nutrition, Optimum Customer

How's the Optimum Coverage? Optimum by Altice has over 36,000 fiber lit buildings, across 21 states. And they're regularly expanding.

Optimum in Texas. Over 36,000 buildings nation-wide. Search addresses on CarrierFinder.
Optimum in Texas | CarrierFinder

About Lightpath

Lightpath is a popular carrier in both New York and Miami for anyone looking for any of the following services:

  • Transport Services: Ethernet and Wavelength services from 20 Mbps to an incredible 800 Gbps

  • Internet Services: Reliable enterprise internet solutions up to 100 Gbps

  • Advanced Networks: Private Networks, Dark Fiber, LP FlexNet

  • Voice Services: Hosted Voice, Multi-Location Enterprise, Toll Free, Conferencing

  • Managed Services: Security solutions, DDoS protection, SecureNet bundle

How's the Optimum Coverage?

Lightpath Fiber has coverage of over 20,000 fiber route miles, with connectivity in over 13,500 service locations throughout the footprint.

Lightpath in New York and Miami. Over 13,500 buildings nation-wide. Search addresses on CarrierFinder to find them..
Lightpath in NY and FL | Lightpath

To see if Altice USA's Optimum or Lightpath Fiber brands are available in your area, you can use our search tool and search by address to find internet service providers near your desired location.


More Carrier Data Coming Soon

We are excited to continue improving the power of our carrier search tool and can't wait to announce even more updates and additions in the future. Stay tuned!

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